Tales from The Metaverse

The Orison

A fantasy novella in episodes

A six year old girl, Gouta Ricci, swears a terrible revenge on the city Watch. But Gouta grows from a homeless guttersnipe into a most remarkable and powerful woman. Her long anticipated revenge, when it comes, changes her world forever.

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The Battle Hymn of the Asbahri

A scifi novella in episodes

The technological Asbahri people face twin existential threats: a generations-long Total War with the primitive but more-populous Sea People, and rising sea levels flooding their precious few islands. Asbahri High Command might have found a strategic solution, but its only key may be Lt. Kirel Ilker-5, an awkward and nerdy clone. Kirel may be less than reliable, being borderline insane from grief at separation from its clone mates and facing a court martial.

  • Episode 1, The Weight of the World - A short prologue. A poetic love story from Asbahri classical literature turns out to have a surprising and disturbing hidden meaning. (930 words)