Dragon Bone Soup

What is "Dragon Bone Soup"?

Sixteen fantasy and light science fiction stories appear in this showcase of the very best Indie writing talents from three continents. Its contributors invite you to peer into the dystopian future or enter their worlds of dragons, witches, spirits, elves, trolls, and magicians.

The contributors are: Carmen Baca, Brandy Bonifas, Copper Rose, Daniel Craig Roche, David Bowmore, G. Allen Wilbanks, Giuseppina Marino Leyland, L.T. Waterson, Lynne Phillips, Mark Kodama, P.C. Darkcliff, R.A. Goli, Shawn Klimek, Sam M. Phillips, Steve Carr, and Zhen Liu, .

Edited by DW Brownlaw and P. C. Darkcliff

Available in paperback via Amazon: amzn.to/2Pq1nsO

Available as an eBook version for many eReaders: books2read.com/u/4Ax8Xd

Find DW Brown everywhere online in one click via linktr.ee/DWBrownlaw

More of P.C. Darkcliff's writing can be found through plu.us/p.c.darkcliff

Meet the authors

A fascinating interview with each of the authors was posted throughout November & December 2019 on the page "Sixteen Questions for Sixteen Authors". Dive in!

The series started 18th November 2019 and were announced via the Dragon Bone Soup newsletter. More activity is planned for 2020, so sign-up for extracts, memes, and news about offers.

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