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Contributor spotlight : L. T. Waterson, author of “Forfeld, Silver and the Dragon”

No sooner one dragon quits the interviewer's arena, than another takes its place: L. T. Waterson who wrote the short story “Forfeld, Silver and the Dragon” for the “Dragon Bone Soup” anthology (published in December 2019). Have you heard the one about a dwarf, an elf and a dragon? No? Then read L. T. Waterson's amusing story of "Forfeld, Silver and the Dragon". It is only 2,800 words long but quickly brings three very different characters to life in a memorable encounter with a great twist ending - one to tell the grandchildren.

What is your real name and what name do you write under (if they are different)?

My real name is Lucy Waterson and the name I write under is L. T. Waterson.

Where do you hail from?

I grew up in the city of Southampton, England and is where I still live now.

What is the greatest thing about the place you call home?

Southampton has a very long history. There was a settlement here during the Roman period (when it was known as Clausentum) and very probably long before that as well.

Who is your favourite author?

My absolute favourite author is Terry Pratchett, his Discworld is so inventive and I could just read his books over and over again.

Who or what are you reading right now?

Young Thomas Hardy by Robert Gittings.

Do you see writing as a career?

For me writing is something I have to do. I enjoy it immensely.

What genre(s) do you write in? What genre(s) do you find challenging?

The one genre I love the most is fantasy and I’m not sure I can write anything that doesn’t have some element of fantasy in it. Romance is the most challenging genre for me as the people in it always seem so happy in a love conquers all way and I find that hard to relate to.

Who do you write for? What is your target audience?

I write primarily for myself, I write the kind of stories I would like to read. My audience is anyone who enjoys a good story.

What research do you do for your stories?

It depends. I have a good basic knowledge of history and western mythology which often gives me a good starting point. I do as much research as the story needs, sometimes that means double-checking the meaning of a word or working out what the twiddly bits on top of castle walls are called.

What comes first for you – character, plot or setting – and why?

Most of my stories begin as a single sentence and then they expand outwards from there. Character is always the most important thing for me when writing a story.

What is your favourite quote about life?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

Which period in Earth’s history (or future) would you like to visit, and why?

Having studied Roman Britain at university I would love to be able to visit that period.

Do you belong to a writing group or community? How did you find them, and how do they help?

Yes, the Inner Circle Writers’ Group on Facebook. I found them when I was looking for places to submit my writing to and they help because they make writing not so lonely. Plus of course Grant Hudson has been very helpful and encouraging to me and has given me confidence when I have faltered.

What are you working on right now?

My main work-in-progress is The Truth Seer which I am hoping will be my first (published) novel. It is set in a very low fantasy world and the main story follows two Watchmen who are trying to uncover corruption and skulduggery in what is a very corrupt system.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep writing. To finish my novel and get it published, to write more short stories and get them published.

How can readers find you online and on social media?

The place to find me is Facebook! My page is under the name L. T. Waterson Author

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