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DW Brownlaw is the pen name of Douglas Brown, a retired editor and publisher of technical literature. As well as being a part-time actor, he started a new career in 2017 as the author of the science fantasy series 'The Peraverse'.


About The Peraverse

The Peraverse is the name of a series of stories written by DW Brownlaw. It is also the fictional universe setting in which all the stories in this series take place.

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Short stories

Short stories & novellas from The Peraverse, free to read...

Tales from The Peraverse

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The random musings of DW Brownlaw, author.


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A knight in grimy armour is sky diving from high altitude without a parachute. The world, far below, can be glimpsed in a lower corner. AI-generated. Source: aiturbo.com
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Here Be Dragons, Episode 10, is released

Cuisine & Craziness

Launched into the final minutes of his life, how will Prentyze occupy his remaining life?

DW Brownlaw's free-to-read fantasy, part of his unique universe setting The Peraverse, continues in Episode 10.

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