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DW Brownlaw is the pen name of Douglas Brown, who retired from the software industry in 2017. He is now a part-time actor and the author of science fantasy series 'The Metaverse'.


About The Metaverse

The Metaverse is the name of a series of stories written by DW Brownlaw. It is also the fictional universe setting in which all the stories in this series take place.

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Tales from The Metaverse

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The random musings of DW Brownlaw, author.


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Latest News (summary)


  • Oh gosh, it has been so long since my previous news. My family and I are hanging on, surviving what has been an awful year, and we remain mercifully free of Covid19. I hope you are soldiering on too. Not long now before we can have our vaccinations and can get back to (nearly) normal.

  • I have restructured this website, the main changes being a new layout for the Stories page and a shiny new Blog page where I invite you take to part in discussion. I hope you like the modifications.

  • A new novella, Here Be Dragons, is complete and is rolling out on the website in episodes. Please drop into its discussion forum, say "hi" and take part; you can ask me anything (well, almost!).

  • After a bad start to the year, I am also making progress once more on releasing further episodes of The Orison and Battlehymn Of The Asbahri. Expect new episodes of both soon.

See the new Diary page for the full news and an archive of previous entries, or just crack on and read Here be Dragons (& leave a comment).

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